Belt Drives

Transpower Drives offer a truly “one stop shop” for belt drives. All types of belt are available including the standard classical Vee Belt, Wedge and Flat.

With these go a comprehensive range of pulleys to suit, either pilot bore or for taper bushes. Special pulleys are also available from our sister company Apple Gears.

Also available through our sister company International Belting is the MITSUBOSHI range of belting products.

Vee & Wedge

Vee Belts are an early solution to the slippage and alignment problems of flat belts, a system first developed by Gates in 1917.Made from woven textiles they are generally arranged with a number of matched belts to transmit power, giving more torque than a flat belt.

We can also offer a Bore and Key service on pilot bore pulleys through our sister company Apple Gears.

Vee & Wedge (Cogged)

Transpower Drives are also able to supply cogged belts (also sometimes known as notched belts).

The range is always under review and is expanding constantly.

Poly V

A Poly V Belt is flat on the outside and grooved along the inside. It combines the advantages and high traction of the Vee belt and the use of only one belt, with compactness and use of smaller diameter pulleys.
They are available in J, K, L and M section.


Variable speed belts are used with a pair of pulleys, usually one fixed and one capable of varying the pitch diameter. This gives a range of output speed options


Flat Belts are rarely used these days for power transmission purposes and are mainly used for conveying applications. Transpower Drives still carries a range of flat power transmission belting. We can also make up machine tapes in house and arrange for the on site fitting of larger conveyor belts.


Round belts are sometimes used in light drive applications, particularly in live roller conveyors, but are usually found in conveying applications, especially in the food industry.