Chain Drives

The Chain Drive is a positive, efficient way of transferring rotary motion between two parallel shafts and high torques can be transmitted.

The chain is generally made of steel although plastic chains have been developed.

The principle of the sprocket drive has been adapted for use in conveying applications.


Motion is transmitted using shaft-mounted sprockets. Single, double and triple strands are available to British or American standards.
Transpower Drives carries large stocks of all types and can supply in boxed or cut lengths, together with a range of spares (connectors, crank links etc).

Also available from stock are a large range of sprockets in both taper bush and pilot bore style.

Special sprockets and a bore and key service is available from our sister company Apple Gears


These chains are used for lifting loads. They are used on Forklift Trucks and machine tools. A wide range of pitches and lacings are available.

Transpower Drives carry a wide range and offer a cut to length service.

Test Certificates are provided with all Leaf Chain.


A wide range of types is available, to B.S. or ISO standards, solid or hollow pin or deep link and with a variety of pitches.

Flat Top

Flat Top and Modular Chains are used in a variety of conveying applications.

A wide range of styles and materials are available.