Transpower Drives are able to supply the whole range of Vacuum Products including Pumps, Generators, Valves, Cups and Holders. For further information please contact a Sales Office.

Vacuum Generators and Valves

Vacuum Generators utilize compressed air to create a vacuum. They operate by forcing compressed air through a small orifice and into a venturi section. The small orifice causes the air to flow at a high velocity, creating the negative pressure.


Vacuum pumps operate by displacing air, creating an area of low-pressure or partial vacuum within a sealed container. Different types of vacuum pumps are all available from Transpower Drives.

Vacuum Holders and Cups

Suction cups, vacuum cups and vacuum pads available in flat, single bellows, multiple bellows and special shapes.  All available from Transpower Drives for a variety of industrial applications.

Vacuum Filters

Preventing impurities from reaching the vacuum pump is fundamental to guarantee correct operation and a long service life.Transpower Drives are able to supply a wide range of filters for vacuum applications.