What is a circlip?

Circlips are circular shaped clips made from semi-flexible metal. They are generally used to keep components fitted on shafts or in housings, Circlips come in Two Different types Internal, which fits into a groove inside a bore, OR External, Which fit around a shaft. The clip will be designated by the size of the shaft or bore and not the size of the groove that it fits into.

E.G. So a shaft of 20mm would need a 20mm External Circlip.

Internal Circlips

Internal circlips are designed to fit within a bore or housing. They are typically available in both metric and imperial sizes, Internal circlip types are highly durable and usually have a longer service life than alternative circlip types, making them a preferred choice for many.

External Circlip

External Circlips are designed to fit tightly around a shaft. They are also available in both metric and imperial sizes but one of the additional benefits of external circlips is that they can help to save space.

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