Tsubaki G8 American Standard Chain


Tsubaki's 8th model upgrade, celebrating 100 years of quality. Pursuing the ultimate in quality, Tsubaki has created the world's highest standard of roller chain.

Technical Evolution

All ANSI Chains Are Not Created Equal
ANSI defines minimum threshold standards: acceptable, but they won't improve your bottom line. Tsubaki ANSI G8 Chains set the bar higher with design innovations that deliver solid results!

Solid Lube Groove Bush - Our Latest Innovation
Unlike curled bush, Tsubaki SOLID Lube Groove Bush does not have a split. This means that oil cannot leak from the bearing area as a result of that type of manufacturing process. Additional to that innovation Tsubaki developed a unique process to add grooves to the inner surface of the solid bush. This lube groove process ensures longer and better lubrication which results in an extended chain life.
The Lube Groove Bush is available in ANSI sizes RS80 through RS140, perfectly sized for the most demanding applications.

Tsubaki has enhanced the ANSI G8 with the following advantages:

Save Operating Costs and Reduce Downtime
Normally, ANSI chains are removed or replaced due to elongation caused by wear in the pin-bush joint. The patented Lube Groove retains lubricant right where it's needed: in the pin-bush joint. In many applications you'll notice a significant difference in maintenance, operating, and replacement costs due to the increased reliability of the ANSI G8 chains.

Increased kW Rating
Transmission capacity has been increased by applying the patented Tsubaki Ring Coining process on the connecting link plate.

For easy assembling the pin and link plate of a connecting link are slip fit. In general, this type of connecting link has a 20% lower fatigue strength than the chain itself. However, Tsubaki developed a special process to eliminate that loss of Fatigue Strength and still satisfy the customers demand for easy assembly: the patented Ring Coining process. By applying the patented Ring Coining process, Tsubaki generates a cold deformation around the pin hole of the connecting link plate. This results in residual stress around the pin hole and thereby adds strength. By using this process transmission capacity is increased to 100% of that of the base chain.

Constant Quality Level
In pursuit of outstanding quality, every Tsubaki chain is made of a special steel alloy developed by the Tsubaki Engineering Department.
Besides that, Tsubaki produces the ANSI G8 under highly controlled conditions in its advanced heat treatment facilities. This, in combination with the Tsubaki fatigue strength confirmation tests, ensures that our customers can always rely on a constant level of Tsubaki quality.

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