Tyre Valve Connectors


It is important when purchasing connectors to specify whether a closed or open-end type is required.
An open-end connector has black handles and a pin which unseats the tyre’s valve. This is the most commonly used type of connector and is suitable for PCL’s MK4 Tyre Inflator, wall and portable gauges.

A closed-end connector features red handles and is employed when air is supplied directly from the main air line (i.e. compressor or air receiver). A non-return valve unseats on connection to the tyre’s valve, allowing air to flow into the tyre.

PCL’s connectors have an excellent reputation for durability, accuracy and superb sealing qualities, setting the standard for hold-on. Using only the best components, with appropriate tests in place to evidence high quality and performance, PCL offers the full range to meet the needs of the modern tyre shop and workshop, from the standard twin hold-on to the short stem and angled stem.
■ Suitable for inflation of twin tyres
■ Choice of stem length
■ Colour-coded handles – black for open-end and red for closed-end

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