1.60 mm Section O'Rings

  • SKU: SM-1.6-002.1

Product Details

Standard Nitrile O'Rings have a working temperature range of -30 to +100 degrees C

Product Specifications

inside dia id (mm)2.1
outside dia od (mm)5.3
Model RefNameUOIPrice (ex. VAT)StockQty
SM-1.6-002.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 2.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-005.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 5.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-006.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 6.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-007.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 7.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-008.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 8.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-009.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 9.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-010.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 10.1MM ID1 £0.28 High Stock
SM-1.6-011.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 11.1MM ID1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-01313.1MM X 1.6MM SECTION O'RING1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-013.51.6MM SECTION O'RING 13.5MM ID1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-015.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 15.1MM ID1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-018.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 18.1MM ID1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-019.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 19.1MM ID1 £0.37 High Stock
SM-1.6-022.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 22.1MM ID1 £0.46 High Stock
SM-1.6-029.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 29.1MM ID1 £0.46 High Stock
SM-1.6-035.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 35.1MM ID1 £0.55 High Stock
SM-1.6-027.11.6MM SECTION O'RING 27.1MM ID1 £0.46 High Stock

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