Ambersil Galva Colour & Smartwasher

At Transpower Drives, we have been talking to all our suppliers, and we have come up with some great Promotions and Special offers. Well this time I think we have come up with a great offer, and a very environmentally sound solution to a very common problem in the maintenance and toolrooms all over the UK. Take a look below and if you want any further information please let us know.

We have two great Promotions this season. First, we have the ...

The CRC SmartWasher® is a bioremediating parts washing system designed to clean dirty equipment parts during repair and maintenance operations - safely. The system combines 3 essential components – the SmartWasher® parts washer, the OzzyJuice® cleaning fluid, and the OzzyMat® filter that contains a proprietary blend of microbes.

Second : Ambersil Galva Colour

An industrial grade anti-corrosion paint that has a superior spray pattern, excellent opacity, and superb substrate adhesion, even on rusted or 'difficult' surfaces.

GALVA COLOUR is a zinc-phosphate enhanced paint which primes and covers in one easy application. The addition of zinc phosphate allows the paint to adhere to 'difficult' surfaces, which may not be completely free of corrosion or residual old paint.

The top-coat paint colour is RAL referenced for accurate colour matching and seamless touch-up and assists with
correct colour selection. Ideal for identification of service pipes and for external aesthetic surface repairs.

Advantages of the Ambersil Galva Colour:




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