Jubilee® Mild Steel Hose Clips

Also known as carbon steel, mild steel is the most common form of steel for all applications, and hose clips are no different. It is also one of the broadest grades of steel covering a wide range of mechanical properties.

Its low resistance to corrosion is overcome by applying a coating, most commonly of zinc however, variances in coating methods and standards mean that corrosion resistance can be an area of the extreme difference between hose clips.

All Jubilee-branded mild steel products are Zinc protected. The British Standard for hose clips requires a 48-hour resistance from significant red rust in a 5% neutral salt spray test and many non-kitemarked products cannot reach this. At Jubilee, our internal tests have revealed some products on the market, not of our manufacture, showing significant red rust within the first 15 hours of the test. Our clips all reach a minimum 72 hours and our Original, Light and Multiband ranges are all capable of surviving 240 hours in the neutral salt spray test.

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